Sawdust Carbonizer for Sale: Features and Advantages

The sawdust to charcoal machine for sale is advanced equipment that makes better usage of rice husk. It’s capable of carbonizing rice husk to charcoal of high caloric in value. The carbonizing component, usually a furnace, utilizes the latest technology to gain maximum carbonization ratio. Additionally, the furnace shortens the time of carbonizing with optimum working efficiency. The sawdust charcoal making machine is useful to convert waste to charcoal.

Beston Sawdust Charcoal Machine for Sale

The machine could be used for carbonizing many other biomass materials besides rice husk. Other materials that can be carbonized include sawdust, bamboo, maize stalks, coffee husk, sugarcane bagasse, wood chips, wood waste, agro-waste, paddy straw, forestry waste, crop stalk, and tea waste. In order to be carbonized, the material’s moisture content shouldn’t be above 12 percent. Also, the size should be smaller than 6 mm. Click here to see pyrolysis plant for biomass.

End products generated by the sawdust to charcoal machine

The machine produces a number of end products that can be used for various purposes. Some of the popular final products resulting from the machine are charcoal, tar, wood vinegar, and combustible gas. Depending on the pressure used and temperature applied, the density of the end products varies. As such, you need to apply a particular temperature and pressure in order to get desired density of the end product.

The charcoal obtained from the machine is used as a fuel in power plants, boiler, and many other industries. Tar, wood vinegar, and combustible gas are widely used in medicine and other sectors. Since the end products resulting from the machine are in great demand, the demand for the sawdust carbonizer is increasing day by day, making it a profitable investment.

Sawdust Charcoal Making Equipment

Key features and benefits of sawdust carbonizing machines

The sawdust carbonizing equipment is a powerful piece of machine that blends various waste products under a higher temperature of 300 degrees centigrade to generate products of higher values. Essentially, it’s a machine to burn waste and make wealth.

After getting familiar with the uses and resulting products of the machine, you may be interested in knowing the perks of using this modern equipment. So, let’s check the features of this in-demand equipment.

Higher efficiency

Earlier models used for carbonizing rice husk were highly inefficient. The output was low and the waste was high. Also, the production process was quite slow. The modern sawdust carbonizer, on the flip side, is a highly efficient machine. It combines the conventional design with the modern technology to attain high-efficiency working. Also, the amount of waste is reduced to a substantial level.

Less energy consumption

Most of the heavy duty machines use too much energy. Consequently, the cost of production is higher along with higher energy bills. However, the modern sawdust carbonizing plant is really effective with respect to energy consumption. In addition to this, the machine doesn’t release combustible gases into the environment. Instead, it recycles combustible gases, thus making the best use of energy.

Makes wealth from waste

One of the striking benefits of using this sophisticated equipment is it uses waste as raw materials. Getting such raw materials is easy and affordable. In return for a small working capital, you could start generating wealth from waste.

Protects the environment

Traditional machines emit combustible gases into the environment. However, modern machines adopt the spay-dedusting system. They filter noxious substance and particles generated during the process of carbonization. In this way, the modern model meets all regulations of environment protection.


Any heavy duty machine is priced substantially. While this applies to the sawdust carbonizing equipment, you can opt for installment payments to breathe your purchase budget. Also, you can easily recoup the cost of buying the equipment in a short time due to higher profitability.


Any machine that works 24 hours a day is susceptible to damages in addition to regular wear and tear. You might end up shelling out a lot of money on maintenance. This could also increase the production cost. However, the sawdust carbonizer requires minimal maintenance. With little upkeep and care, you can use the machine for years.

Concluding words

A sawdust to charcoal machine for sale is an innovative piece of equipment used for recycling waste. Low cost, higher profitability, contribution towards a greener planet, higher efficiency, etc are important advantages presented by this machine. That’s why many modern businesses prefer to buy this machine to convert waste into money. Accordingly, consult Beston Group to get more information.